Katti Batti Tells Us Things You Must Consider Before An Arranged Marriage

The characters of Purva and Parag show us how to handle your marriage and family.

Pushkar Sarad and Ashwini Kasar on the poster of Katti Batti.

According to me, arranged marriages are a funny concept of uniting two strangers. It even became funnier when I watched Purva and Parag’s relationship in Katti Batti on ZEE5. We have seen Pushkar Sarad and Ashwini Kasar playing these characters. In real life, too, most of our parents have been united through the traditional ‘kande-pohe’ occasions.

Watch them deal with the hurdles in their marriage with a smoothness

If you want to walk the same path take by Parag and Purva and your parents, then, there are certain things you must remember!

1. Know each other’s family

Marriage is a lot harder than saying ‘yes’ to that dress (or suit). You are giving a nod of approval to each other’s families, so, it’s only fair you know them well in prior. It is almost like you are getting hitched to their family along with them.

2. Open up about your past

Don’t hide your past from your partner as this might just come out sooner or later. When you hide or lie to someone there is always a burden that you carry with you. Trust and honesty are two main pillars of a relationship.

3. Compromises

All of us have expectations on how our future partner is going to be. Have round (or square) table meeting with just you both in it, talk it out and be open to making small compromises while looking at the bigger picture.

4. Agreeing on things financially

As much as people like to proclaim that love is blind, it is isn’t. I, sincerely, apologise for bursting your lovey-dovey bubble. Eventually, the money talks are going to happen sometime after marriage, it’s mandatory you have an idea about their finances. Financial compatibility is necessary.

Do you agree with these tips from the above? Let us know in the comments if you want to add more!

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