4 Moments From Sonali Kulkarni – Siddharth Chandekar’s Gulabjaam That Will Have You ROFL

Siddharth and Sonali's chemistry in the movie will make up for the weekday blues that you have been suffering from. Go watch it!

A still from the movie Gulabjaam.

It’s not a love story, but a story of love”. Every time I watch Gulabjaam on ZEE5, I think about this quote. There are ample reasons why I love this movie. For starters, it is not a conventional rom-com. I love Aditya (Siddharth Chandekar)’s passion for food along with his and Radhika (Sonali Kulkarni)’s chemistry. Now that I have gushed so much about Gulabjaam, it’s only fair that I share the funniest moments from the film!

So, what are you waiting for now? Go watch the film right away! 

Here are my favourite moments from Gulabjaam that made me ROFL…

1. All of us have that one neighbour who is always angry

In this scene, Aditya is looking for a cooking mentor. Hilarity ensues when no one (including the author of a cookbook) is not ready to help him. Poor Aditya!

2. When bae realises you have eaten the last piece of pizza she was saving for herself

This is a funny fight between Radha and Aditya. Even during the argument, Radha is cussing Aditya with food innuendos.

3. The face you make when you realise, this is the best dessert you have ever had

Aditya, who is new in town, orders dabba from a stranger. After tasting the dessert made by Radha, he is practically having a foodgasm.

 4. When you piss off bae while she is PMSing

This happens when their previous argument really gets out of control. This may be one of the funniest scenes in the movie. 

So, when are you watching Gulabjaam? Do let us know in the comments, which is your favourite scene from amongst the above.

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