4 Things You Need To Know About Neurological Disorders Seen In Man Pakharu Pakharu

Subodh Bhave, Mohan Joshi and Sachin Pilgaonkar make this movie a memorable watch.

A scene from Man Pakharu Pakharu.

Many a times after seeing a physically and mentally handicapped person, we thank our lucky stars to be born without any deformity. But, have you ever given a thought about the lives of these people? If you haven’t, then, watching Man Pakharu Pakharu will make you see the other side of this deformity. The movie takes a bold dive into this subject of neurological disorders and makes us feel a lot of things.

If watching Man Pakahru Pakharu has ever made you curious about this disease, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Watch the movie below:

1. Types of Neurological disorders

The neurological disorders are diseases relating to the brain, spinal cord and the nerves that connect them both. According to the World Health Organisation, there are numerous neurological diseases including Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy and brain tumour.

2. How is a neurological disorder caused?

As we have learnt in school, our brain is an intricate network of neurons which have dedicated functions. Even the smallest problem in a nerve can give rise to a neurological disorder.  Some could be caused due to outer damage, while the other could be passed genetically.

3. What are the effects of a neurological disorder?

A neurological disorder has the ability to paralyse you physically or emotionally. As seen in Man Pakharu Pakharu, the human ability to comprehend is partially or fully taken away.

4. What are the physical and emotional symptoms?

Like the compromise in the physical abilities, even the emotional symptoms don’t stop. A person who is suffering from this disease could experience emotional outbursts and mood swings.

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