4 Ways In Which You Can Maintain A Moustache Like Saajana’s Pratap

Love Pratap’s Moustache? Then, You’ll Definitely Love These Tips!

Pratap from Saajana

Pratap is loved by many for his kindness and the way he expresses his love for Rama on Saajana. Their love story is quite common but at the same time it unique in its own way. They come from different worlds. She is a poor girl who wants to ensure that her family is being cared for. He is a rich guy but doesn’t have any kind of pride or ego. 

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Abhijeet Shwetchandra is the actor who essays the role of Pratap on screen. The two of them have quite a lot of similarities. The biggest one being their stylish moustache and the way they take care of it. 

If you are a fan of growing such a handsome moustache, then we’ve got some great tips for you right here. 

1. Find out the perfect tools to trim your moustache and beard! Did you know that there are special brushes and razors for your moustache? Research a bit and find the ones that suit you best!

2. Just like there are face creams, there are also creams for your facial hair! Try out a balm or two and see how it brightens up your face, by giving it an enviable shine! 

3. Now that there are special tools and creams, there has to be a special wash too! Get the most suitable moustache shampoo for yourself.

4. Who said that moustache hair has to always be rough and bad? There happen to be many moustache softners to give you that soft and silky feel. 

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