5 Benefits Of Cycling That Will Help You Stay Fit Like Phulpakhru’s Hruta Durgule

The Phulpakhru actress is a part of a club that inspires people to take up cycling!

Hruta Durgule

In India, cycling is a bit of a challenge thanks to the condition of the roads, traffic, and pollution. But things are beginning to change. To save the environment, a lot of corporates who live close to their workplace opt to cycle to work instead of driving or taking a cab. While a lot of them do it to reduce air pollution, they benefit from this as cycling helps them stay fit. And our favourite, Vaidehi from Phulpakhru is no different. Hruta Durgule who plays the popular character enjoys little pleasures in life and one of them is cycling.

Watch the latest episode of the show below:

Recently the actress posted a video of her promoting cycling club with the view to keep the city healthy, take a look at the post shared by Hruta below:

The actress is proud to be a part of this club which inspires people to cycle. If you still aren’t convinced to take up cycling like the Phulpakhru actress, these five benefits will prompt you to do so….

  1. Boosts brainpower: Cycling needs all your attention. During this, your brain needs to be active all the time unlike driving a car so it definitely makes you more attentive.
  2. Improves heart health: When you paddle the cycle your body transmits energy from your body to your legs and this makes the heart pump blood faster.
  3. Reduces stress: Because your body is focused on a single activity, you can actually take a break from other things happening around you.
  4. Stay fit: The best thing about cycling is no matter how you do it or for how long you do it, it is always on the positive side.
  5. Better sleep: With the amount of physical activity cycling involves, the body does get tired. Thus cycling regularly promotes better sleep.

How many of you are convinced to take up this activity like Hruta? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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