5 Best Dialogues From Mahesh Manjrekar And Mohan Joshi Starrer Mulshi Pattern

Here's a look at some of the most hard- hitting lines from this Pravin Tarde direction. Pics inside!

1. Sakha Shows His Power

A Still From Mulshi Pattern
Source: ZEE5

Mohan Joshi plays the role of Sakha in Marathi film Mulshi Pattern. In this scene, he is being ridiculed by a bunch of corporate workers who take away his land. But Sakha makes it a point to show his power and put them in their place.

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2. A Policeman Makes A Strong Point

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Om Bhutkar plays the role of a gangster in the film. Rahul is filled with rage due to the atrocities that his family faces when their land gets stolen. He turns to crime to seek his revenge. When he tries to justify his profession, a policeman puts him in his place, saying that his family too suffered from the same fate, but he chose to become a police officer to bring about a change.

3. Rahul Sets The Record Straight

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Rahul, who is also referred to as Bakasur in the film, kills and spread terror in the city of Pune. In his defence, he maintains that if goons eat away his land, he will eat them. Intense!

4. Vitthal Sets Rahul In His Place

A Still From Mulshi Pattern
Source: ZEE5

Rahul picks up a fight with the police and shows off his crimes, without a hint of shame. He says that soon he will be ruling every corner of the city and his name will stick. To this, police officer Vitthal replies that only plastic sticks to earth, nothing else. What is Rahul’s comeback? Find out!

5. Sakha Makes A Promise To Rahul

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After a point, Rahul starts questioning the path that he is taken and recalls that he hasn’t seen his father laugh in a long time. He asks Sakha to laugh for him and in return, the latter says that he will, once Rahul stops committing crimes. Does Rahul listen to his father?

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