5 Best Moments From Vartul That We Need To Talk About

The crime thriller has been nothing short of amazing. Today, we are paying a tribute to it.

1. Vikram's entry in Vartul

scene from Vartul
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Yesterday, we bid goodbye to Vartul, a show that has forever made a place in our hearts. Each episode successfully kept us on the edge of our seat. The highs and the lows in Meenakshi’s life made us happy and saddened us equally. It was one hell of a rollercoaster journey that we’ll be long remembered. So, to pay a tribute to Vartul, we are making a list of 5 best moments from the show that thoroughly entertained us.

The star Vijay Andalkar in Vikram’s character was seen in the grey shade. Playing two characters in the same show can be daunting for some, but Vijay essayed these with such finesse that we are left in awe of him. One of the finest moments was his entry in the show. It was equal amounts of scary and mesmerising to us!

Watch an episode of Vartul below:

2. Meenakshi and Abhi's wedding

Jui Gadkari from Vartul.
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Being suckers of happy-endings, we loved seeing Meenakshi getting married to Abhi after having a torturous marriage with Vikram. Both Meenakshi and Abhi matched each other’s wavelengths and were full-on #CoupleGoals.

3. Meenakshi standing up against Vikram

Jui Gadkari from Vartul
Jui Gadkari from Vartul

After months of getting scared of Vikram, Meenakshi finally learnt to stand up for herself. Not only did she challenge Vikram, but she also counteracted his plans and trapped him. Thanks to Meenakshi’s proactive thinking, Soha didn’t get married to Vikram.

4. Abhi getting lured towards Shweta

scene from Vartul
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There was think a point in between when Abhi’s past flame, Shweta, came back in his life. They shared a moment which made the fans think that Abhi and Shweta will rekindle their past romance. But, thankfully none of that happened as Abhi stayed loyal to Meenakshi and he successfully passed his test.

5. Vikram's arrest

Scene from Vartul.
Scene from Vartul.

Finally, this had to be our favourite scene! After months of dancing around on Vikram’s song, his castle of lies fell apart and he was arrested for his deeds with proper proof. Meenakshi, who suffered the most because him, stayed with Abhi and Vikram went to jail. Isn’t it said all’s well that ends well?

Which is your favourite scene from Vartul? We would love to know in the comments below.

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