5 Coconut Desserts Inspired By Titeeksha Tawde That Every Food Lover Will Enjoy!

It's time to unleash those sweet tooth cravings!

1. Chocolate coconut slices

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While putting your best foot forward wearing cotton clothes in this heat, one can’t help but rely on liquids to keep them hydrated. Just like us, our favourite actors are no different as the long shooting hours can make them suffer, too. Recently, the Tu Ashi Jawali Raha actress Titeeksha Tawde was spotted indulging in coconut juice. We realised, along with the juice form, coconut is one of the most important ingredients in our recipes. So, this summer, why not beat the heat with the help of coconut desserts!

When is it not a good time to have a yummy chocolate slice? The only difference, this time it will have a divine blend of coconut in it. Taught by our renowned MasterChef Sanjeev Kapoor, this dish is simply unmissable.

Check the recipe here.

Before you proceed ahead, watch Tu Ashi Jawali Raha:

2. Coconut sheera

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This rich coconut sweet dish is flooded with delicious sweetness better than your imagination. The basic list of ingredients consists of rava, raisins, sugar, sajuk tup among others. If your mind is already asking you to gorge on it, then, listen to inner cravings and check the recipe below.

Check the recipe here.

3. Rava Coconut vadi ( Rava Naralachi vadi)

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The rava coconut vadi amongst others are the flagbearers of a Maharashtrian household! Made during festivals or special occasion, this vadi is composed of desiccated coconut, sajuk tup, milk and sugar. There’s no way, you can’t be tempted, so we have the steps listed for you below!

Check the recipe here.

4. Carrot coconut balls

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If bite-sized deliciousness would be a form, then, this would be it. This no-bake recipe requires carrots, nuts and coconut. You have to grind the ingredients in a food processor and make balls out of it. Are your interests peaked?

Check the recipe here.

5. Coconut truffle

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Along with being mouth-watering, the coconut truffles are equally easy-to-make. The key ingredients are desiccated coconut along with flax seeds, walnut and jaggery for some sweetness. Before you begin to salivate, we have the whole recipe for you!

Check the recipe here.

Which of the above recipes are you going to try out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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