5 Formulas For Success If You Wish For A Bigger And Better Life Like Nashibvaan’s Babanrao

This Bhau Kadam starrer teaches an important lesson on humility and gratefulness. These two qualities are essential to taste success. More inside!

A Still From Nashibvaan

All of us want more than what we have. While dreaming for more is not a crime, being greedy for it is. Working hard for money is a path that all of us should take. But stealing becomes a habit for some people, like Babanrao in Nashibvaan. This film starring Bhau Kadam as the lead character tells the story of a sweeper who dreams of a bigger and better life one day. But instead of earning the money ethically, he starts stealing it. We are taken on Babarao’s journey and how his greed gradually destroys his personal and professional life. 

Watch the whole film here. 

Here are 5 formulas that you can follow to achieve success, if you dream to make it big like Babanrao.

1. Perfect your skills 

Learn what you are good at and perfect that skill. Never say you’re not good at anything because trust us, you must have a special skill that nobody has! Whatever it is, build on it and add value to it. You can take coaching lessons or simply practice endlessly, to perfect it.

2. Sleep enough to work enough 

A Still From Nashibvaan
Source: ZEE5

Hard work is a given if you want to achieve success. But never compromise on resting and getting enough sleep. Remember that you need an active and fresh mind to come up with creativity. That won’t happen if you overtire yourself.

3. Find good mentors 

It’s vital that you find efficient mentors who can guide you and hone your skills. It’s always better to get a third person’s perspective, especially if he/she is experienced.

4. Set realistic goals 

Do not aim for the stars right away. Set goals that you can achieve with the right planning. If you set unrealistic goals, you might get frustrated in trying to achieve them and give up eventually. 

5. Stay positive 

A Still From Nashibvaan
Source: ZEE5

Yes this reads like a cliche, but the reason why it’s stated this much is because the power of positive thinking is the fastest way to success!   You can achieve a lot if you think positively and keep yourself focused on this path. 

There’s no need to adopt unethical ways of making money when you can apply these worthy formulas for the same right? After all, hard earned money has its own sweet taste!

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