5 Lesser Known Facts About Nagraj Manjule’s Fandry That You Should Know About

Check out all the details about this film starring Somnath Awghade and Rajeshwari Kharat.

1. Somnath, Rajeshwari's casting as Jabya and Shalu

A Still From Fandry
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Nagraj Manjule’s national award-winning film Fandry sheds light on the deep-rooted caste discrimination, that is practised in rural India. The film features newcomers Somnath Awghade and Rajeshwari Kharat who are seen as Jabya and Shalu. Fandry tells the story of the teenager hailing from the Dalit caste, who falls for the girl, belonging to a higher caste.

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Not many know that these child artists are not professional actors but were encouraged to act in Fandry, by Nagraj. In an interview, the director revealed that Somnath and he are from the same village. He further added that he had begun working on Fandry and was looking for fresh faces. He visited a village for location scouting and saw Somnath playing poker with his friends. Nagraj felt that the boy would be perfect for the role and approached him with the offer. But Somnath wasn’t confident.

Did you know that the producers waited for nearly three months for Somnath to come on board? Nagraj asked the boy to come to Pune, give auditions and prepare for the role. It’s only after doing so that Somnath gained confidence and said yes to the tole. And the rest is history!

Same was the case with Rajeshwari, who was spotted by the makers on a busy street in Pune. Her first reaction to the offer was a no. But like Somnath, she too came around and eventually became a part of Fandry.

2. Some parts of Fandry are Nagraj's own story

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In an interview, the filmmaker revealed that certain incidents shown in Fandry are his own story. Nagraj hails from a village himself and points out that while growing up, there were two castes in his community that ate pig meat. As shown in the film, those eating pig meat, aren’t looked at too fondly.

3. Somnath actually broke down during the emotional scene

A Still From Fandry
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In the ending scene where Jabya starts howling and pelting stones at his fellow villagers, the emotion is all real. The actor had actually broken down while filming as he felt like he is living his own story. Nagraj revealed that they tried giving him glycerin several times but he refused, stating that he wants to seep into the character and carry out the scene his own way. And what a brilliant scene it is!

4, Nagraj used up the money from his first national award for Fandry

A Still From Fandry
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The director had won his first national award for his short film Pistulya. Nagraj mentioned that he had received a cash prize of Rs. 1,50,000. He spent a lakh of this sum on the location hunting and casting for Fandry!

5. Nagraj's character Chankya in the film inspired by a real person

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Najraj’s character Chankya in the film is inspired by a real person that existed in the filmmaker’s life. The man was as eccentric as shown in the film. In a an interview with a popular website, Nagraj revealed, “There was a man like that, whom I knew when I was a child. He was much older than I, but he was my friend. He used to tell me, “These bade log keep talking, but their talk is all bakwaas. Don’t ever think that these people are elders, or that these people are superior.”

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