5 Pictures Of Jui Gadkari With Her Cats That’ll Melt Your Heart

Any cat ladies in the house? We have a surprise for you!

1. Kittens are angels with whiskers

Source: Instagram

If you have been anywhere close to the realm of the internet, then, you could understand how obsessed netizens are with animals. Those innocent cats and dogs are being subjected to being the face of memes that we heartily laugh on. Most of us find dogs cute, but not the same amount of affection is extended towards cats due to their lack of friendliness. However, breaking this bias, our lovely Jui Gadkari from Vartul is known to own many cats. Her social media is swamped with pictures of her furry babies! Have a look!

Before you proceed, don’t forget to tune into the latest episode of Vartul below:

Jui owns Persian cats, which have regality shown through their every mannerism. This breed is one of the most popular ones amongst cat lovers.

2. All you need is love and a cat

Source: Instagram

The Vartul actress has named them Bacchu and Bandhu. After nourishing them for so long, she considers them her ‘own boys’ as mentioned on her social media.

3. Kitty! Kitty! Kitty! Why are you so pretty?

Source: Instagram

Jui also shared an anecdote on social media revealing how she helped the mother cat give birth to these babies. She had to cut their umbilical cord to help them breathe.

4. Is having one cat ever enough?

Source: Instagram

Unlike her life on Vartul, Jui’s real life is pretty straight forward. The actress loves spending time with her babies and documenting their time on her Instagram.

5. Time spent with cats is never wasted!

Source: Instagram

The actress sings them lullabies to put them to sleep while constantly showering them with kisses. These kitties have become so used to Jui’s company that they happily let her come cuddle with them.

Our badass actress from Vartul is a cat lady in real life. Looking at her, are you tempted to adopt a cat, too? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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