5 Scenes From Sau Shashi Deodhar That Prove Sai Tamhankar’s Strong Acting Prowess

The actress is seen opposite Ajinkya Deo and Tushar Dalvi in the film.

1. When Shubhada finds a stranger in her house

A Still From Sau Shashi Deodhar
Source: ZEE5

Sau Shashi Deodhar tells the story of  Shubhada, a woman who meets with an accident and upon getting discharged from the hospital finds that her family is missing and she isn’t who she thinks she is. The character is played by Sai Tamhankar who proves her powerful acting skills yet again. There are many scenes in which the actress shines one of them being this one where she goes home but finds a stranger in the house.

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A woman tells Shubhada that the house is hers and the latter is shocked. Sai packs a punch in this scene as she argues with the woman, trying to convince her that the house belongs to her.

2. Shubhada breaks down

A Still From Sau Shashi DeodharA Still From Sau Shashi Deodhar
Source: ZEE5

Unable to find answers, a confused and scared Shubhada breaks down. This is a powerful scene where Sai is captivating, and you end up feeling sorry for her. 

3. Shubhada gets irked

A Still From Sau Shashi Deodhar
Source: ZEE5

A strange man visits Shubhada and tries to convince her that he is her husband. The latter denies it. In this scene, he is trying to convince her that he’s married to her but she is in no mood to succumb. Sai is remarkable in this scene as she gets irked during the conversation and tells the man to “stop irritating her.”

4. Subhada tries to commit suicide

Source: ZEE5

Fed up of the strange situation that she is in, Shubhada decides to end her life. She is caught in time by Ajinkya, a man who is trying to help her. Here, you feel the character’s pain as Sai holds the scene with her gripping act as a distraught woman who has given up.

5. Shubhada gets drugged

A Still From Sau Shashi Deodhar
Source: ZEE5

In order to find Shubhada’s truth, Ajinkya, a psychiatrist, drugs her and asks her a bunch of questions. Sai is convincing as a drugged patient, under hypnosis and you almost feel like she’s really undergoing a therapy session.

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