5 Scenes From Sau Shashi Deodhar That Show Sai Tamhankar And Ajinkya Deo’s Cute Chemistry

The film, directed by Amol Shetge, is a psychological thriller. Check out pictures of Sai and Ajinkya inside!

1. Ajinkya Consoles Shubhada

Sau Shashi Deodhar tells the story of Shubhada (Sai Tamhankar) who meets with an accident and is admitted. Upon getting discharged the next day, she finds that her family is missing and she isn’t who she thinks she is. Shubhada is helped by Dr. Ajinkya, played by Ajinkya Deo. Aside from the gripping story of Sau Shashi Deodhar, what also stands out is the cute chemistry between the two actors.

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In this scene, Ajinkya brings Shubhada home and consoles her, as she breaks down when unable to find her family. It’s a heartwarming moment where Ajinkya is a gentleman, helping out a lady in distress.

2. Ajinkya Watches Shubhada Paint

To release her stress, Shubhada picks up a canvas and starts painting. As she does so, Ajinkya sits by her side and lovingly watches her. This scene is endearing as without doing or saying much, there’s palpable chemistry between the two characters.

3. Ajinkya Saves Shubhada's Life

Fed up with the confusing situation that Shubhada is in, she decides to end her life. Just when she is about to jump off a cliff, Ajinkya saves her. She breaks down and cries in his arms and this is the first time we see Shubhada being completely free and vulnerable in front of Ajinkya.

4. Ajinkya Comforts Shubhada

Shubhada comes to know that something is amiss regarding her health and Ajinkya assures her that all will be okay. She cries and with a loving gesture, he wipes her tear away. Awww!

5. Ajinkya And Shubhada Start A Life Together

After a roller-coaster ride, we see Ajinkya and Shubhada getting together. In this scene, the two are looking at a painting made by Shubhada and their adorable chemistry assures us that true love does exist!

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