5 Things To Remember Before You Apply A Red Lipstick Like Pallavi Patil

The Baapmanus actress shows us how to look beautiful while rocking a bright colour.

Baapmanus actress Pallavi Patil

Probably the most joyous thing in life is to find the right shade of red lipstick for Indian skin tone.  However, each of these come with different undertones; it’s never an easy choice. As much as I wish for Aladdin’s genie to come and help me out, that ain’t happening. But, recently, we couldn’t stop crushing on the scarlet colour after seeing Pallavi Patil in Baapmanus. The actress plays the popular character of Nisha on the show. If this has motivated you to wear it too, I have narrowed down the things you must consider before rocking this lipstick.

Pallavi Patil  is also an amazing actress in Baapmanus on ZEE5

 1. Make lip primers your besties

Lip primer comes to your rescue every time a matte lipstick tries to suck the moisture out of your lips (which they usually do).  Swipe it on your lips before applying your red.

 2. Don’t underestimate the power of a lip-liner

At least, some point in life we have done cost-cutting by using our lipstick as the lip-liner. Now’s the time to invest in a good lip-liner for your lipstick to stay hours longer. With this hack, you can kiss your bathroom touch-ups a goodbye!

3. Look at the bigger picture

Applying red lipstick maybe easier than finishing a plate of gulabjaams! But, before you opt for a red shade, you have to visualise your entire outfit and the kind of jewellery you are opting for. Additionally, during the daytime look, you can opt a minimalistic approach by keeping your eyes simple and painting your lips red. For a night time look, smoking out your eyes or using a bold eyeshadow would work!

4. Dig deeper into the undertones

A study of lipstick undertones is super important, one thing that no one ever teaches you in school (what even?). A lipstick with a blue undertone will make your teeth look whiter (like Russian Red from Mac), while the one with orange undertone brings out the best on a dusky skin. The trick is to apply these testers during your shopping sprees at the mall. Pick the one that suits you the most.

5. Your crimson lip shade doesn’t always have to be loud

With red lipstick, I am probably ready to slay a dragon, take down a mafia or go undercover… you just name it! You can do all of these things regardless of the tone of your scarlet lippie. Your boldness comes from within and not from the shade of your lipstick.

Bottom line is, once you find the right shade, hug it tight and preserve it until the end.  It is your soulmate equivalent.  Tell us, what is your favourite shade of lipstick?

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