5 Things You Can Do To Save The Environment Like Pratap From Saajana

You, too, can set an example like him. Take notes!

1. Save electricity

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While watching Saajana, we can’t help but amaze at the environmentalist hidden within Pratap. Apart from being a good human, Pratap makes smart choices like taking a bicycle rather than a car or planting more trees to help save nature. After looking at him, if you are inspired to imbibe some environment-friendly qualities yourself, here’s how you could start!

Whenever you exit one room make sure you turn off the lights and fans of that room. After charging your phone, don’t forget to switch off the power button. You could use power saving bulbs instead of the traditional ones. Limit the time you use AC in the room, let the natural breeze come in.

Watch Saajana below:

2. Reuse plastic when necessary

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You could use a cloth bag for everyday grocery shopping. Always keep another cloth bag handy, in times when there is an emergency shopping trip. Do not dispose of the plastic in public as animals eat thinking it is their food and choke on it to death. The best replacements are paper cups and paper plates, which are easily decomposable. You could reuse plastic containers.

3. Save water

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If you have water supply throughout the day, consider yourself lucky as rural India is struggling to get water. Limit your time taking shower and be conscious of the water your using. Make sure your tap is turned off when you are not using it. The car doesn’t need a wash every day as plenty of water can be saved.

4. Cut down the use of petrol and diesel

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The two Fs that you need to be wary about are fuels and foods. They both are not to be wasted. Speaking of fuels, you could walk or use public transit for short distances. You could share a cab with people as that will save money and fuel. In that case, carpooling is the best option. You could run your vehicles on CNG which is a more pocket-friendly and environmentally healthier option than petrol and diesel.

5. Save paper

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Don’t discard notebooks if they are not filled. Reduce printing on papers and be smart about it. If you opt for printing, trying doing it on both sides as the other side won’t go waste. Keep reusing paper for different purposes.

So, how are you going to incorporate the above points in your everyday life? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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