5 Things You Need To Know Before You Try A Summer Hairdo Like Pallavi Patil

The Baapmanus actress will inspire you to cut your hair!

Baapmanus actress Pallavi Patil

Growing your hair involves commitment, probably, 10 spoons more than what you put in your relationship. To top it off, just like your bae, even your hair gets angry. The worst comes when you have to maintain your bob. Like me, if you are facing issue taming your short hair, then you could steal motivation from the Baapmanus actress Pallavi Patil. She is seen as Nisha on the Marathi TV show.

In Baapmanus, Pallavi Patil has flaunted long tresses, a much of a contrast to her current hairdo

Here are 5 things you must consider before cutting your luscious tresses.

1. More time invested in styling them

Getting comfortable with your new short hair is going to take time. A long bob conceals the additional styling time required to keep the hair looking chic. As beautiful as it may look, nobody mentions the additional minutes spent straitening/ curling the locks with the changing hair textures.

2. New hair, new accessories

Each time you step into the mall, you will be tempted to try new accessories. The hair strands will need more cute pins to be tamed as they aren’t going to all fit in a rubber band. Looking at the bright side, you will be experimenting a lot.

3. Donate your hair for a cause

Isn’t happiness the best when it is shared?  Each time you chop of your long locks, you can get in touch with an organisation who make wigs for cancer patients. This is a small initiative that can surely change someone’s life.

4. Your hair products are angels

Usually, with long hair, it is easy to tie them up in a bun or plaid them. With short hair, those bobby pins are going to come for your rescue. Or the times when you have to tame your cray hair to humidity, you can use the anti-frizz hair mousses and serums. You can opt for non-sticky hair oils as they set your hair equally well.

5. Stylist on your speed dial

When you are cutting your hair into a bob, you have to be sure of the length you want it. The second step is to convey it correctly to your hairdressers. After which, every few months when you see your hair growing back, you might want to cut the length yet again.

So, after reading this, want to go chop-chop like the Baapmanus actress? Do let us know in the comments.

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