5 Tie Dye Dresses You Should Bookmark If You Like Sulu Aunty’s Style On Phulpakhru

These dresses are age inclusive which allows you to twin with your mom!

1. Dressed to impress in black and green

In Phulpakhru, Sulu Aunty maybe years older than you but her fashion sense is way ahead of time. In one of the recent episodes, she was sporting the tie-dye trend which has taken over the realm of the fashion world. Every second fashion person out there is flaunting this trend like no one’s business. Our beautiful Sulu Aunty, too, was just in league with these influencers as she wore the tie-dyed dress with confidence. So, are you inspired after seeing her wear this style? You need to add these dresses to your online shopping cart.

The happy-go-lucky vibe of these tie-dye dresses makes them famous amongst the people. Like, in above dress, we love this combination of green and black which allows you to throw some boho accessories and wrap up the whole look!

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Before you proceed, watch Phulpakhru below:

2. Brownie points if you were this dress!

You could wear a nice puffer jacket along with the above dress. Also, did you know? The tie-dye style, which had initially originated from the hippies, is known for its vibrant colour combinations and interesting designs.

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3. Ombre? Yes please!

You could pair this full maxi dress with strappy flats or gladiators. As you walk out wearing this, even the fashion goddesses will happily give their blessings to you.

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4. Colour-blocking much in blue and yellow

The best part about this trend is the designs take it’s very own shape. The unexpected mystery to its shape makes it even more beautiful, just like this dress above.

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5. Splashing colour on the white canvas

Our wardrobe is flooding with clothes of white colour. However, if you are tired of seeing the monotony, here another way you could splash happiness on these midi dresses.

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Did you know? The tie-dye style which is derived from the hippie clan used to stand for freedom back it the vintage era. As you ponder over this fact, we would love to hear your opinion about this fashion statement in the comments section.

Also, don’t forget to tune into your favourite TV shows to get more such style inspiration.