5 Times The Offscreen Bond Of Phulpakhru’s Cast Was Stronger Than Your Coffee

Whoever said actors can't be best friends definitely didn't know their game.

1. When your co-stars turn out to be your best friends

Yashoman Apte, Hruta Durgule, Vivek Sangle and Khusbhboo Tawde click a selfie.
Source: Instagram

The cast of Phulpakhru entertains us unfailingly in every episode. As true fans of this serial, we can’t help but covet their ever-growing bond. But, did you know in real life, too, their friendship is just as strong?

Here we can see Phulpakhru leads Yashoman Apte and Hruta Durgule chilling with the Aamhi Doghi co-stars Khshboo Tawde and Vivek Sangle. Can we be a part of their squad, please?

Don’t forget to catch their chemistry as the camera rolls in Phulpakhru 

2. Promotions done right

Hruta Durgule and Yashoman Apte with Aaamhi Doghi actress Khushboo Tawde
Source: Instagram

This was during the promotions of their respective shows in Pune. Amidst their hectic shoot timings, each one of them brings their character to life with their talents. It just another reason for us to fall more in love with the show.

3. Girls just want to have some fun

Hruta Durgule and Purnima Talwalkar on the sets of Phulpakhru.
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It is the people behind the scenes who make the character of Vaidehi come to life just as much as the actors. These ladies may sometimes be sworn enemies onscreen, however, in real life their bond is tighter than your skinny jeans.

4. And the Best Onscreen BFFs award goes to...

Hruta Durgule, Ashish Joshi, Trushna Chandratre and Yashoman Apte.
Source: Instagram

Just like Hruta said, “Life is much better when you are taking a selfie with your gang.” Can they please write a book on ‘Guide to long-lasting friendships 101’?

Tripping together in life

Phulpakhru cast with the director Mandar Devasthali.
Source: Instagram

If you think they just do brunches and movies together, they are so much more than that. The team takes trips together. What better way to know your co-stars than to travel with them?

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