5 Times We Needed Zala Bobhata’s Appa To Run For Presidency

Your drop your obsession with Marvel and DC after seeing Appa’s superhero skills in the Marathi film.

Zala Bobhata poster featuring Dilip Prabhavalkar.

Every now and then, we love finding personalities to go gaga over from the movies we binge on. So, just as we were  watching Zala Bobhata on ZEE5, we bumped into our new favourite character! As you might have rightly guessed, he was none other than, Appa (played by Dilip Prabhavalkar). Our man here is the vigilante that all of us need in life. He may not have those toned biceps like Superman or speed like Flash, but his contribution for people is just as big.

You will be inspired watching Appa’s skills in Zala Bobhata on ZEE5

Our obsession with Appa has now taken a front seat, here’s why we love him!

1. Standing up for women

Appa loves eradicating misogyny from the minds of the village people. Well, doing that is way harder than rubbing off those matte lipsticks. However, Appa’s determination towards this agenda shows us that age is just a number

2. Badassery in front of people

Not everyone can be a badass, but, not everyone is Appa either. He shows the picture of minister dirtying the streets to everyone, exactly when that same minister is felicitating Appa’s village for being the cleanest. (*inserts face palm emoji*)

3. The perfect spy

Sorry, Sherlock Holmes’ thunder is now stolen by Appa. He is our new favourite detective. Remember how he creates a ruckus in the village by spying on a couple’s conversation?

4. Public issues

There isn’t anybody in the world, who can stop Appa from standing up for what is right. He leads the army of village children. Their squad are striving to keep the streets clean, raise a ban on paan tapri and alcohol shops.

5. The perfect leader

Those expensive classes won’t help you develop your leadership skills like watching Appa in Zala Bobhata. His perfection at being a leader will give you better high that those shopping trips.

Raise your hands and tell us in the comments if you love Appa’s character just as much as we do!

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