5 Veggies To Include In Your Diet If You Want Skin Like Phulpakhru’s Vaidehi

Eat your way to having a glowing skin like Hruta Durgule.

1. Red peppers

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It is rightly said that you are what you eat. You might do fancy skincare treatments or have an extensive regime for glowing skin, but nothing will do good to your skin like the foods you eat. A healthy diet along with hydration and the good sleep cycle is the secret formula to make your dreams of having a clear skin come true. So, today we took inspiration from the Phulpakhru actress Hruta Durgule whose clear skin is something we have always admired. If you are just as enamoured by her like us, then, here are ways you, too, can achieve a clear skin!

Having a storage of Vitamin C, it is important to incorporate red peppers into your everyday diet. It helps in absorbing iron in the body. It also has a solid Vitamin E, Vitamin K and antioxidants that will help in boosting the immunity. Also, did you know red peppers naturally treat the inflammation on your body?

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2. Cabbage

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They have gut-friendly insoluble fibre which assists in digestion. This further helps to have a good bowel moment, thereby clearing the skin. If you are suffering from blood pressure issues, eating cabbages (rich in potassion) is great way to lower it.

3. Sweet potatoes

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Next time when your Aai makes a sweet potato bhaji don’t run away as this vegetable has numerous health benefits. Being a rich source of fibre, the sweet potatoes help in digestion and to have a glowing healthy skin. After regularly having this, you can finally delete those photo-editing applications as your skin won’t be needing any airbrushing.

4. Carrots

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All of us at some point in our childhood have been upset at the thought of having carrots. But, the truth to be told, carrot juice helps in clearing up your skin thanks to the beta-carotene which also reduces inflammation. Being a powerhouse of Vitamin A, it helps in collagen production to repair the skin.

5. Tomatoes

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Having a high water content, tomatoes play a major role in moisturising your skin. Rubbing a slice of tomato also reduces blackheads and open pores. You have to apply the tomato juice for 10-15 mins on your skin which helps in de-tanning and brightening your complexion naturally.

So, are you going to change your routine and try these foods? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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