5 Ways In Which You Can Help Birds This Summer Like Ek Ghar Mantarlela Actor Suyash Tilak

The actor, who is an avid animal lover, inspires us to co-exist happily.

1. Water source in veranda

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As you’re enjoying your umpteenth bowl of mango pulp this season, it is time to be a little more considerate towards your fellow neighbours who have to fend for their food on an everyday basis. These neighbours are the little birdies which have to face the wrath of harsh heat with the soaring temperature. We were inspired to write this article, after seeing the Ek Ghar Mantarlela star Suyash Tilak‘s love for animals! Like him, if you are a fellow animal lover, here’s how you can save them!

You can start by making sure to keep a vessel filled with water in the veranda or in the space outside your window. The water should be clean and free of any chemicals. Once you start doing this, you can’t withdraw doing it as the birds look at this as their source of water.

Before you proceed, watch Ek Ghar Mantarlela below:

2. Don't destroy the nests

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We know, the nesting of birds can be annoying to some, while the others might find it slightly unhygienic. But, like you use sunblock to protect yourself from the rays, similarly, these birdies are taking your roof to shield themselves, too.

3. Keep birds away from waste

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It is necessary for the food and water that you are providing the birds are clean and free of any sort of dangerous waste like plastic materials. Usually, the birds consume it thinking it is their food which could form a blockage inside their body causing them to choke.

4. Stay away from baby birds

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We can’t help but melt after seeing baby birds trying to make their way the first time. But, no matter what your urges tell you, do not hold the bird unless it is injured. Mostly, it’s the parents’ way to teach their little one to fetch for itself.

5. Protect the birds from predators

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If you have other pets (like cats and dogs) in the house, then, you need to keep the birds away from them. The cats mostly love to roam outside the house, make sure your pet doesn’t cause harm to the birds who have come to drink water in the veranda.

Do you want to add any point to the ones above? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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