5 Ways To Spot Phulpakhru’s Kumu Mavshi Around You

At least once in life, we have encountered a fake friend. Taking inspiration from this Phulpakhru character, how to help yourself around such people.

Aamhi Doghi actress Varsha Dandale in a scene from the show.

Sometimes in your life, you stumble upon mean people. During such times, it is important you trust your vibes and instincts because they never lie (even when the person across you does). If you have seen Kumu Mavshi in Aamhi Doghi on ZEE5, you will exactly know how to spot one. If not then, you must give these points a read.

Here’s the real face of Kumu Mavshi in Aamhi Doghi below:

1. They try to emotionally manipulate you

They will make you feel guilty even when it is not your fault.  Like, “why didn’t you text me?” or “where were you all this time?”. Recognise this and understand you are not at fault. It is YOU, who needs to fight this and stand up for yourself.

2. They gossip

If your friend can talk ill about your third friend in your group, then that person is more likely to do the same with you. Why? Because there is a lack of loyalty. Be aware.

3. They are extremely judgmental towards you

True friends accept your flaws and embrace your weirdness. This isn’t just a thought for the day; it is a life mantra (mic drop). They will judge your every decision and your habits. Even their compliments will seem very negative. It is not worth wasting your time thinking about those harsh remarks.

4. They might drop you like a hot potato (or a French fry) according to their needs

They will make themselves very important. In that time of self-importance, they will leave without any warning and then come around when their needs see fit. Sometimes it is hard to spot such a person. Nonetheless, don’t have to give yourself a hard time.

5. Your opinion is secondary

The moment you chime in your opinion in a group discussion, they might just look past it. We want to share with our loved ones our everyday experiences, however, a fake friend wouldn’t hear you out. This is exactly the time when you need to move on.

Have you ever come across a Kumu Mavshi in your life? Let us know in the comments below.

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