6 Qualities That Make Sairat’s Parshya An Ideal Partner

The character played by Akash Thosar is boyfriend goals. Find out why we say so!

1. He's a charmer

A Still From Sairat
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Akash Thosar plays Parshya in Nagraj Manjule’s celebrated film Sairat. He is a simple boy, hailing from a humble background. Parshya may not have a steady job and a lot of money but let’s face it- he has qualities that make him any woman’s dream man. Let’s start with the fact that he’s a charmer! His smile is enough to get you through the day, not to mention his killer dance moves in Zingaat. It’s always nice to be with a man who gives you butterflies in the stomach, right?

Watch the film here.

2. He is shy and innocent

A Still From Sairat
Source: ZEE5

What makes Parshya endearing is his innocence. There’s a scene in the film where he wants to profess his love for Archi (Rinku Rajguru) but doesn’t know how to. It’s hard to find boys as shy and simple as him, wouldn’t you agree girls?

3. He will go the extra mile

A Still From Sairat
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Due to certain circumstances, Archi and Parshya elope. It’s here that you see Parshya transforming from a boy into a man. He takes charge and goes the extra mile to make Archi comfortable. He may not be street smart and worldly, but he will slug it out to make ends meet. Wouldn’t you want this quality in your partner?

4. He'll be there for you at every step

A Still From Sairat
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In the film we see Archi missing her family and Parshya consoling her. She is shattered and being the gentleman he is, Parshya lends him her shoulder to cry on. He holds her and simply whispers, “Don’t cry, everything will be fine.” Sometimes, all you need is a good listener.

5. He isn't afraid of showing his vulnerable side

A Still From Sairat
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Some men suffer from a complex where they are afraid to show women their vulnerable and emotional side. But Parshya is an exception as he openly cries and admits that he can’t survive without Archi. He lets her in by letting his guard down and that’s sign of a man who is self-assured.

6. He is romantic

Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar In Sairat
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Parshya is head over heels in love with Archi and indulges in typical romantic things such as taking long walks with her on the beach, meeting her secretly in fields etc. Sometimes you just want to do those typical mushy and coupl-y things to feel good, wouldn’t you agree? And Parshya will be make for your perfect romantic partner!

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