6 Times The Cast Of Phulpakhru Gave Us Friendship Goals

Point number 6 will have you reminisce good ‘ol memories. You will experience a beautiful tinge of nostalgia. Leep your tissue box ready.

1. Partners in crime

Hruta Durgule and Yashoman Apte in Phulpakhru
Source: Instagram

We have all seen and loved Manas and Vaidehi’s onscreen bond in Phulpakhru. But, did you know the actors Yashoman Apte and Hruta Durgule who plays these roles are even better friends in real-life?

Before you proceed, watch their beautiful chemistry in Phulpakhru

2. We are waiting to see this side of Vaidehi on the show

Hruta Durgule from Phulpakhru
Source: Instagram

Apli Vaidehi bike chalavayala shikali ka? We wonder what Hurta has to say about this. This is one shade of her that we haven’t got a glimpse of in Phulpakhru. 

3. The epic wedding scene

Phulpakhru cast
Source: Instagram

Our photo gallery isn’t complete without one epic wedding scene from Vaidehi and Manas’ wedding. #ManasAurHrutaKiShaadi will make you forget the Bollywood’s #SonamKiShaadi.

4. Smile, please!

Phulpakhru actress Hruta Durgule caught candidly.
Source: Instagram

We bet Hruta is showing him some fond memories from her photo gallery! It reminds us of our time spent at our grandparents’ home

5. One with the director

Hruta Durgule with Phulpakhru's director Mandar Devasthali
Source: Instagram

6. Spilling some tea?

Phulpakhru team
Source: Instagram

Looks like, Phulpakhru team is doing a ‘Chai Ke Sath Charcha’ session.

What do you think of these pics? Let us know your views in the comments below.

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