7 Poems By Tu Ashi Javali Raha’s Rajvir Will Make You Fall In Love With Life Again

We are sure that you didn't know this side of the actor before.

Siddharth Bodke as Rajvir

Siddharth Bodke is popularly known for playing the character of a possessive husband, Rajvir Mohite Patil in Tu Ashi Jawali Raha. The actor has successfully struck a chord with the audiences thanks to his acting skills. Speaking about his character, the personality of Rajvir is shown as a strict person, because of which his whole family has to suffer. He feels that it is the only way he can keep his family safe. But in real life, Siddharth who plays this character is totally opposite of his onscreen persona.

Take a look at his performance on the show:

Not many of his fans are aware that this 24-year old actor has an interest in writing poems. Those who follow the actor on social media are aware that Siddharth keeps updating his fans with poems on his Instagram. So without taking much of your time, here are some of the poems by Siddharth:

#1 A simple but very true fact about life.

Simple poem Siddharth
Source: Instagram

#2. Best line for the quote life is short.

Shakh Sidhharth
Source: Instagram

#3. We can understand his love for Urdu through these lines.

Ye Dairy by Siddharth
Source: Instagram

#4. Your future is all about what you choose to do with your present.

Mitti Re Mitti by Siddharth
Source: Instagram

#5. We must say, whosoever inspired Siddharth to write such amazing alfaz is really lucky.

Seh Lenge By Siddharth
Source: Instagram

#6. Clearly, the actor’s love for rain is something one cannot miss.

Poems by Siddhath bodke
Source: Instagram

#7. This one will surely give you a lot of feels.

Poems by Siddhath
Source: Instagram

We are sure that you didn’t know this side of the Siddharth before. Actors often portray a role that is opposite to their real-life personality and when they reveal their real self, the audience is surprised. Don’t you agree?

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