7 Tattoo Designs To Check, If You Want To Get One Like Aamhi Doghi’s Madhura

From a Tibetian design to the floral one, there are quite a few to choose from.

1. Tibetian Tattoo

Prasiddhi Tattoo
Source: Instagram

Prasiddhi Kishor who entered the Zee Yuva show, Amhi Doghi has become a popular name amongst the audience. Prasiddhi plays the role of Madhura in the show. The actress has caught our attention with the unique tattoo she has on her neck. It is in Tibetian language and looks simply cool.

Watch her performance on the show Amhi Doghi streaming on ZEE5:

2. Om Tattoo

Source: Instagram

People who are religious and have a spiritual perspective towards life find it better to have an Om to be inked on their body (including me).

3. Feather Tattoo

Source: Pinterest

Many people relate the idea of being free with flying and getting a feather inked is a beautiful idea, especially for women.

#4 Flower tattoo

Flower Tattoo
Source: Instagram

The one with the love for nature and earth can try this tattoo of flowers and leaves which simply means nature. Ladies often prefer this design over any other design.

#5 Sunsign tattoo

Source: Pinterest

Some people love to be known for their sun sign and this is the best way to let the world know about you before they approach you.

6. Boho style

Source: Instagram

If you like the boho style of life, this is perfect for you. It will complement your personality very well.

7. A Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher Tattoo
Source: Instagram

For those who believe in a dreamcatcher may opt for this one as it looks beautiful and tells a lot about the person you are.

Have we made it easy for you by presenting these options? Let us know in the comments below!

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