Aamhi Doghi: Will Aditya Believe Uttara Mavshi’s Accusations On Madhura?

Now, as Uttara Mavshi has told Madhura’s truth to Aditya, she has to bear the consequences of it.

Aamhi Doghi actress Prasiddhi Kishor in a scene from the show.

The makers of the show should consider changing Aamhi Doghi‘s name to Aamhi Tigha given Aditya’s constant interference in Madhura and Meera’s life. Earlier, we saw Aditya turning against Meera after she got married to someone else. This, in itself, was a shock to the audience who had rooted for Aditya and Meera to get married. Due to Aditya’s blinding hatred towards Meera, he isn’t aware that Madhura and Meera have patched up and have stood against him secretly. However, Uttara Mavshi reveals this to Aditya. What do you think will be the consequences of this?

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In Aamhi Doghi, the love triangle between Madhura, Meera and Aditya didn’t end well. All this while, we saw Madhura being jealous of Meera as she, too, wanted Aditya whose heart was entangled in the latter. However, after a bad rivalry between the two sisters, they have patched up and have stood against Aditya who is unaware of this. Madhura has become Meera’s spy as she gives Aditya’s business news to her sister. Recently, after Uttara Mavshi spotted Meera and Madhura together eating paani-puri and photographed them. She showed these pictures to Aditya who is furious at Madhura for being her sister’s snitch. Will Aditya throw Madhura out of his house?

Uttara Mavshi from Aamhi Doghi in a scene from the show.
Uttara Mavshi from Aamhi Doghi in a scene from the show.

What do you think will happen? Let us know your thoughts about this situation in the comments below.

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