Abhijeet Shwetchandra And Pooja Birari’s Saajana Completes 100 Episodes!

We are rooting for Rama and Pratap's relationship to work out. What about you?

Scene from Saajana.

When we think about Saajana our minds automatically conjures images of Rama and Pratap running in the lush green fields with a waterfall in the distant background. Luckily, the reality shown in Saajana is not far from our imagination; as we have seen these young lovers secretly romancing in the typical Bollywood-ish way. While Rama and Pratap’s love story is slowly blossoming, their serial Saajana completed a memorable century! So, today we are paying our tribute to this show which has given us #Goals!

Watch an episode of Saajana below:

Right since the beginning, the hype around Saajana has been massive for all the right reasons. Being a younger sibling of the superhit film Sairat, Saajana too has amassed a fan following which is rooting for Rama and Pratap to stay together. But, just like Sairat and other tragic love stories, they will have to face massive hurdles before their fans’ wishes come true. Recently, in Saajana, we saw Rama finally tried to confess her love for Pratap, however, when this happened they were not alone. Everyone in the village knows Pratap who is a famous politician, Raosaheb’s son. Raosaheb created a scene after Pratap reached home from his meeting with Rama.

Scene from Saajana.
A scene from Saajana.

Coming from different social backgrounds, Rama and Pratap’s relationship will be deeply frowned upon by society. This could affect Raosaheb’s standing as a politician which won’t be acceptable to him. As their love story continues, we can’t want to see the twists and turns that are awaiting in their future.

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