All You Need To Know About Pooja Birari And Abhijeet Shwetchandra’s Saajana

With Saajanaa, the beauty queen of Maharashtra will be making her debut in the Marathi TV show Industry.

Saajana Poster

Love stories are an all-time favourite for the Marathi audience. Especially after the popular shows like Lagira Zala Ji and Tuzhyat Jeev Rangala. Fans enjoy watching stories from rural parts of Maharashtra. When it comes to the young generation, Zee Yuva as its name suggests has a variety of shows that cater to this dynamic set of audience. Keeping this trend in mind Zee Yuva has come up with a new show, Saajanaa.

Take a look at the trailer of Saajanaa below:

Saajana is a love story of Rama and Pratap and will be set in the backdrop of rural Maharashtra. It will be based on the love story of a poor girl and a rich guy falling in love with each other and how they struggle through everything to be together. As interesting it sounds, the promos shared on social media are also worth watching. Take a look at them below.

Rama and Pratap are portrayed by Pooja Birari and Abhijeet Shwetchandra. Talking about the actors, Abhijeet has been in the industry and also has worked in the Zee Marathi show Baaji and Baapmanus in the past. He has also been a part of a Marathi film named Taleem which released in 2016.

For Pooja, it’s her debut in the Marathi TV industry. After winning Beauty Queen of Maharashtra 2019, she was offered this show and Puja decided to take up Saajanaa. Another interesting thing about the show is its title track crooned by Swapnil Bandodkar. Take a look at the title track below:

After looking at the trailer and promo of the show, the audience is quite interested in watching this love story that begins today.

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