Almost Sufal Sampoorna 22 February 2020 Written Update: Ketkars’ Consignment Gets Rejected

Zanzane Bai rejects the Ketkars' consignment once again due to minor setbacks in quality standards. This makes Appa angry. Details inside.

A scene from Almost Sufal Sampoorna

In tonight’s episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna, we see that while taking his regular morning walk, Appa bumps into Dhotre. He congratulates Appa for their new shop and tells him that their business will soon flourish further. Appa is delighted to know this but soon starts complaining about Zanzane Bai’s arrogant behaviour towards him.

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On the other hand, Sai goes to wake up Nachiket in his room and also to take her bag which was kept in his room by mistake. Here too, Nachiket leaves no chance to flirt with Sai. Later Sai and Nachiket go to the Pardeshi Export office for the presentation. Mr. Pardesi introduces Sai and Nachiket to Mr. Sabir Khanvilkar, who has a big business in South Africa. Mr Sabir tells Sai that their products are in great demand in South Africa. Sai is delighted to know this and soon begins her presentation. She meticulously explains each and every detail about the products which impresses Mr. Sabir. He immediately hikes his order by 50% and informs Sai that his manager will co-ordinate with her for further procedures.

Meanwhile, Zanzane Bai informs Dhotre that according to the quality team, there is excess oil in Ketkars’ products which is against the quality standards. Dhotre tries to convince her by saying a little extra oil is acceptable and won’t harm the quality of the products. However, an arrogant Zanzane Bai is determined to reject the consignment. She immeditely calls Appa and gives him shocking news of their consignment being rejected. This time, Appa gives back to her by telling her that the quality of the products can only be determined by tasting them and not by computer-tested reports. Zanzane Bai ignores all the accusations and firmly tells Appa to withdraw their consignment within two days or else all the products will be discarded.

Will Appa withdraw the consignment or will he will ask Nachiket for help? Find out only on Almost Sufal Smapoorna

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