Almost Sufal Sampoorna 29 January 2020 Preview: Ajji Upset With Sai And Nachiket?

Ajji gets upset about Sai and Nachiket's irresponsible behavior. Find out in detail below.

A still from Almost Sufal Sampoorna

In the previous episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna, we saw Nachiket and Sai having a good time with each other. Appa comes to know from Chinmayananda, that Sai has gone to Nachiket’s place. A shocked and angry Appa rushes to check out what’s going on. He searches for Sai everywhere but doesn’t find her. She had already escaped from there as Ajji had informed her about Appa coming over to Nachiket’s place. Appa sees Nachiket in the house, and this gets him upset and annoyed.

Watch the episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna below:

In the next episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna, we will Ajji disappointed with Sai’s behavior. She tells her that just for a few moments of happiness, they could have ended up breaking their relationship for a lifetime. Sai conveys the same message to Nachiket and tells him that they should act more responsibly.

What will Appa do now? Will he play his tricks to keep Sai and Nachiket away from each other? To find out in detail, watch Almost Sufal Sampoorna only on ZEE5