Almost Sufal Sampoorna: Has Nachiket Altered The Ketkar Family’s Thinking?

Sai and her family realised that Appa may not be always right. Their thinking slowly began changing after Nachiket entered their lives.

Nachiket from Almost Sufal Sampoorna

Believe it or not, Nachiket’s presence in the Ketkar household is slowly changing the mindset of the family members in Almost Sufal Sampoorna. Earlier, everyone in Sai’s family was used to obeying Appa’s orders and acting accordingly. They lived (and still live) under Appa’s domination without questioning any word he said. However, after Nachiket became Ketkar’s neighbour, he unabashedly challenged Appa and showed the loopholes in his teachings. We, for one, support Nachiket’s perspective, what about you?

Watch an episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna below:

We can’t forget how Nachiket’s entry in the Ketkar neighbourhood caused a ruckus. Appa never left an opportunity to humiliate Nachiket and show his faults in front of everyone. Amidst that, Appa failed to realise that he was slowly tarnishing his own image in front of his family members. As Nachiket and Sai rightly pointed out Appa bends the rules according to his whims and fancies. Even Ajji admitted to Nachiket in front of everyone that he showed they a new way and made them realise Appa may not always be right. As Nachiket was humbly apologising to the Ketkar family for any wrongs he has done, they felt bad realising the troubles Appa caused him.

Nachiket, who is been staying away from his family, found a home in Sai’s family. As he moved into her house, Appa started charging him exorbitant prices just for the food he ate. Now, as he is set to leave the house, he has left everyone emotional and teary-eyed in his wake. After seeing this situation, do you think will the Ketkar ever make Appa realise his mistake?

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