Almost Sufal Sampoorna: Has Sai Started Hating Appa?

Sai relaised that her grandfather has been unreasonable and mean in Nachiket's case. This changed the image she had of him.

Scene from Almost Sufal Sampoorna

We knew this was bound to happen sometime or another after Nachiket started staying with the Ketkar family in Almost Sufal Sampoorna. He showed them how Appa has been imposing unnecessary restrictions upon the family for decades. The Ketkars had gotten so used to it that no one from the family raised their voice. However, the situation changed drastically after Nachiket proved Appa’s rules weren’t always right. Eventually, Appa threw Nachiket out of the house. This caused an upheaval in the Ketkar family which never happened before. Sai, who has been fond of Appa, saw him for what he was. We wonder if Sai has started disliking her grandfather for separating Nachiket from the family.

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After Nachiket went out of the house, Sai was torn apart between both the parties since she was in love with him. Amidst this, she still supported Appa like a loyal granddaughter. As the frustration piled up on her, Sai confronted Nachiket and told him to stay away from her. She asked him to move out of their neighbourhood as it would do ample of good to her and her family. Even though Nachiket wasn’t ready initially, her harsh words convinced him that they both were better apart. However, after Nachiket went away, Sai realised the grave mistake she made. She confessed to Ajji and Richa that Appa made her be cruel to Nachiket. She suddenly saw how Appa’s influence made her be mean towards Nachiket. In her voice, there was sudden scorn towards Appa which we never have seen before.

We feel Appa is slowly driving his family away from him subconciously. He thinks that he is always right but doesn’t realise the grave which he is digging for himself. We hope Appa realises this mistake before it is too late. What are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comments below.

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