Almost Sufal Sampoorna: Is Nachiket’s Presence Straining Appa And Sai’s Relationship?

After Nachiket started living in Sai's house, she is seen getting swayed by him. This is unconsciously putting stress on her relationship with Appa.

Every evening, we are always thrilled to see the fresh episodes of Almost Sufal Sampoorna streaming live on ZEE5. After understanding the audience’s psyche, the Marathi serial knows how to keep them thoroughly entertained. For starters, Nachiket and Appa’s arguments are the highest point in the show along with Sai and Nachiket’s romance. We laughed as Appa and Nachiket fought and kept our fingers crossed as Sai and Nachiket’s friendship start evolving. Just as we were enjoying all these aspects, an unforeseen incident is currently happening on the show. Nachiket’s presence in Sai’s house is slowly causing differences in Appa and Sai’s relationship. We would love to discuss this with you!

Watch an episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna below:

We wouldn’t be wrong in saying Sai is Appa’s favourite grandchild. Their relationship is beautiful and like nothing else in the serial. However, recently they have started distancing from each other because of Sai’s growing interest in Nachiket. We have seen her take Nachiket’s side who is Appa’s arch-rival. When Nachiket pointed out that Appa bends the rules according to his whims and fancies, Sai funnily agreed to him. When Sai went out of the house to meet her friends, Nachiket followed her. On the other hand, seeing the growing friendship between these kids isn’t going down well with Appa. It causing a great deal of tension between Appa and Sai who is trying to calm her grandfather down.

Appa wants to see Nachiket thrown out of the house at the earliest. But, amidst this, he isn’t aware that his favourite granddaughter is in love with Nachiket. After reading this, what do you think would be the future of Sai and Appa’s relationship? We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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