Almost Sufal Sampoorna Promo: Watch What Happens When Appa Steps Out Of The House

The video will make you laugh so hard! Check it inside.

Scene from Almost Sufal Sampoorna.

Have you heard about the celebration going on in the Ketkar family? In case, you missed it then let us fill you in. Appa has finally stepped out and the Ketkar family took the opportunity to do as they please. You could expect a lot of singing, dancing and games going on in Appa’s absence. Like Appa, you don’t want to be caught missing this celebration of Almost Sufal Sampoorna. So, we have you covered with the glimpse of the fun and enjoyment in the Ketkar household. Have a look!

Watch an episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna below:

Nothing compares to the moments which you spend with your family while making memories with them. The Ketkars know the importance of this and cherish each other very much. So, the time when Ajji whisked Appa away, the remaining Ketkar family decided to spice up their regular Sunday. They kept their priorities aside and Sai’s Kaka and Kaku danced and sang, while Sai’s father did mimicry. Sai and Nachiket too jumped on the bandwagon and did their solo dance performance. However, during this, Appa and Ajji came in early. To know, what happens further watch the video.

We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that Appa didn’t find out his family’s secret. If he does come to know, hell will literally break loose as he wouldn’t like his family dancing to western music and sing non-Marathi songs. We would love to know what are your thoughts on this fun get together? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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