Almost Sufal Sampoorna: What Do You Think About Nachiket’s Smart Plan?

Nachiket made Appa workout and the whole of Ketkar family was happy seeing their elaborate plan work.

Nachiket from Almost Sufal Sampoorna

After seeing Nachiket on Almost Sufal Sampoorna, we have realised that he is way smarter than Appa gives him credit for. In Appa’s eyes, Nachiket is a shame because of his lack of control over Marathi. However, Appa fails to see that Nachiket is smarter than most of the youngsters his age. Recently, Appa was throwing tantrums as he didn’t want to exercise and follow the doctor’s orders. The whole of Ketkar family was tensed and helpless not knowing what to do. During this time, Nachiket came to Appa’s rescue and devised a trick to keep Appa active. More details below.

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When Appa decides something, he makes sure the things are implemented his way. After Appa met an accident, the doctor asked the family to keep Appa active and not let his muscles stiffen. But, Appa didn’t want to follow the fitness regime. Nachiket told the Ketkar family to treat Appa like a child. In order to make him do something, you have to tempt Appa with his favourite food. In this case, Appa liked homemade bhajji and chutney. Ajji prepared it according to Nachiket’s plan and made sure the aroma of the fresh bhajji reached Appa. When Appa came to know about this, he tried to eat the bhajji. However, in order to relish it, Appa had to exercise.

This way, Nachiket’s plan worked without Appa even realising that he had exercised. It made us happy to see that the Ketkar family was contented and smiling. We would love to know your thoughts on Nachiket’s smartness. Do you enjoy seeing in on the show as much as us? Tell us in the comments below.

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