Almost Sufal Sampoorna: What Do You Think Will Happen When Nachiket Meets Appa’s Guests?

Nachiket interrupts Appa's conversation with his friends. We wonder what will be the outcome of the situation...

Nachiket from Almost Sufal Sampoorna

The constant fights between Appa and Nachiket make Almost Sufal Sampoorna an eventful watch. It is truly hilarious to see Appa screaming at Nachiket who, very calmly, tries to defend himself every time. In case you haven’t kept up with the latest dramatic fight between these two, let us fill you in. In the recent episode, Nachiket tried to intervene in Appa’s meeting with important guests. Nachiket’s brash move earned him judgmental stares from everyone. In today’s episode, we are excited to see what happens next. Will Nachiket’s presence be accepted by Appa’s friends?

Watch an episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna below:

Nachiket’s lack of control over the Marathi language has landed him in serious trouble since the time he began staying in the Ketkar house. Even after that, he doesn’t seem to learn his lesson. A fresh example of this is him trying to talk to Appa’s friends in broken Marathi. Appa’s friends, like Appa, aren’t going to spare Nachiket for speaking this way. There are chances that along with him, they might even reprimand Appa for letting Nachiket stay in the Ketkar house. So, after knowing this, we don’t think it is wise of Nachiket to trouble Appa and keep worsening his relationship with the Ketkar family.

Nachiket’s behaviour, at times, makes us believe that he is just as stubborn as Appa and wants to always have his way. We can only hope Sai or Ajji take control of the situation before it worsens. After reading this, we would love to know your opinion on Nachit’s behaviour. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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