Anandi Gopal: 5 Life – Lessons You Can Learn From Anandi

The film features Bhagyashree Milind and Lalit Prabhakar in lead roles. More details inside!

1. Fearlessness

Anandi Gopal featuring Bhagyashree Milind and Lalit Prabhakar tells the story of the woman of the same name, who went on to become one of the first Indian female doctors in the world. The film traces the journey of her struggle and success. There are many life lessons that we can take from Anandi’s inspiring tale. We start the list by applauding an admirable quality in her- fearlessness.

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Anandi is married to Gopalrao Joshi, a supportive yet intimidating man, who has a violent streak. Though she is terrified of him in the beginning, Anandi comes into her own and learns to stand up for herself when need be. She also decides to take on a field (medicine) that she knows zilch about and only has her books and Gopalrao to depend on.

2. Willingness to bring about a change

Anandi loses her child, just a few days after he is born. Her kid falls sick and has a disease that she or Gopalrao know nothing about. This is the reason Anandi decides to become a doctor. She is adamant to spread awareness so that no other parent has to go through the same.

3. Dedication and hard work

Hard work is one of the ways to success and there’s no two ways about it! Anandi is a clear example of the same. She hails from a small village and has no background in any form of education. And yet, she decides to pursue medicine. Anandi works hard day and night and emerges as one of India’s first female doctors in the world. Now if this isn’t dedication, then what is, right?

4. Having faith in others

Gopalrao’s ways may not be conventional with Anandi, but his heart is in the right place. The latter recognizes this and trusts him blindly. She lets him mentor her, without any questions or mistrust. The ability to have faith in others is rare and Anandi sets an example with this quality of hers.

5. Going against the norm

It takes a lot of guts to follow your own belief and go against what society expects from you. Yet, Anandi doesn’t bat an eyelid while doing so. She is ridiculed, called names and judged for not giving time to household work. But Anandi keeps on going and working towards her dream.

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