Ashish Joshi And Hruta Durgule’s Bond Will Make You Miss Your Best Friend!

The actors of Phulpakhru are giving us BFF goals on and off the screen!

Phulpakhru team

Our favourite serial Phulpakhru is like a wholesome meal. This meal consists of  humour, drama, romance along with a healthy dose of friendship goals. With a delicious blend of everything, our evening is sorted each day. Like, sometimes you might want to see relationships beyond Manas and Vaidehi’s romance, then, you have Vaidehi and Sameer’s strong friendship going on in the background! In fact, Hruta Durgule and Ashish Joshi’s friendship is so strong that it might make you want to be a part of their gang. Are you curious to know what it looks like in real life? We have proof!

Before you proceed on to reading further, watch a Phulpakhru below:

Our favourite serial, Phulpakhru shows us the importance of having unbreakable friendships in real life. Along with our soulmates, we need friends like Vaidehi and Sameer. They are always there for each other even off the screen. Recently, Zee Yuva showed us a candid picture of Ashish and Hruta taken on the sets. We saw Hruta hitting Ashish who was laughing and shielding himself from her. It seemed like they were having their own fun during the break time!

We are sure the Phulpakhru gang who has been together for over two years must have ample of jokes exchanged between them. The reason behind their successful onscreen chemistry is their attachment when the camera goes off. What do you think about Ashish and Hruta’s friendship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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