Ashish Joshi From Phulpakhru Will Surprise You With His Hidden Talent

The actor, who plays Sameer's character, will become your favourite artist after knowing this fact.

Phulpakhru actor Ashish Joshi in a scene from the show.

One moment our favourite actors are making us emotional with their acting, the next moment they are reprising yet another talented role. The best example of this is Phulpakhru actor Ashish Joshi, who is a singer and a performer in real-life. Ashish is seen playing Sameer on the show.

Ashish Joshi is just as good an actor. Watch his performance in Phulpakhru

Not everyone is truly blessed with a singing voice, ask us the well-known bathroom singers.  However, unlike us, Ashish has a magical voice which makes you hit the replay but numerous times. The actor has actively documented his talent on Instagram, too.

Here Ashish is singing and playing the piano on the famous song Tuzhe Bhula Diya from Anjaana Anjani.

Taking a break from Bollywood contemporaries, Ashish went a step further by trying classical music.  He thanked his fans for bearing with him and promised that he will take professional musical training to nurture his talent.

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Barr, khara tar zalay ASA, ki Ajay Dada tablyavar satark hota, kaaran mi taalaat navhato! 😜 Chandrashekhar Dada peti majhya dokyavar fodel ASA vaatat hota, kaaran mi je suur laavat hoto te tyavar navhatech!!! 😝 Ani Sujit dada madhye madhye vajavnach sodun dyaycha, kaaran maza kahi nemach nasaycha (he actually khara ahe, kahi thikani te khup janavta 😆😆) But tari tyanni kammaal vajavla, Ani tya mule ha video tyanchyasathich!!!! Ani of course, Sandhya Maushi! Yes, I should attend classes, even think of getting proper training in music, I know. I shall work harder though in future! Thanks for bearing with me! So, fortunately eka mintacha salag section sapadla ganyat mala! 😅… Do listen, and enjoy!!! P.S.:- Classical is tough work man! DO NOT TRY UNDER PROPER SUPERVISION… SHALL UPLOAD THE VIDEO OF MISTAKES TOO FOR REFERENCE 🤣🤣

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After watching this, raise your hand if you want him to show this talent on Phulpakhru, too? It is rightly said, “Music is the window to the soul .”

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