Beginner’s Guide To Wearing Scarfs Like Vivek Sangle From Aamhi Doghi

Wear these styles all season long!

Vivek Sangle from Aamhi Doghi poses for a picture.

A scarf is one such accessory that is not gender specific. In fact, our beloved detective, Mr Sherlock Holmes, is known for his scarves as much as for his detective skills.  Even our favourite actor Vivek Sangle who plays Aditya in Aamhi Doghi often flaunts chic scarf styles on social media. Taking inspiration from him, we have listed styles below that will convince you to add a scarf to your wardrobe.

Even in the character on Aditya in Aamhi Doghi, he looks just as good

1.No hassle style

Just let it fall around your neck. It is effortless, you can wear this on a suit or a shirt as it looks super sophisticated and cool!

2. Knotted scarf

First, you must half fold the scarf to reduce its length. Then wrap it around your neck while pushing the edges through the divided end. You can loosen or tighten it according to your needs. If you have ever seen Harry Potter, then you would know what I am talking about.


3. Inside formal wear

Who said scarves can be worn only on casual? You can wrap your scarf around the neck and tuck in both the edges. This style will make you look classy.

4. Round and round your neck

Divide your scarf around your neck equally. Then wrap it around and create this knot. This style can be worn with sweatshirts and hoodies. With the right pair of shoes, you will look like a total package.

5. Round and round your neck 2.0

In this style, you have to keep looping the scarf around your neck, but don’t tuck the edges in. You have let the edges fall. This style is hassle-free and you are good to go in just a few seconds.

See, I told you, a scarf is a unisex accessory. So, what scarf style are you going to try out? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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