Birthday Special: 5 Marathi Films Of Ajinkya Deo That You Can Binge-Watch On ZEE5

On his 56th birthday, here's a look at Ajinkya's best Marathi films that you can watch to celebrate his special day.

1. Don Gadhicha Daav

Still Of Marathi Film Don Ghadicha Daav
Source: ZEE5

This Marathi thriller which stars Ajinkya Deo, along with other actors such as Sai Tamhankar, Makrand Anaspure, among others is based on the philosophy that life is a game and hence shouldn’t be taken seriously.

How does it end? Watch the film here.

2. Sawal Maza Premacha

Poster Of Marathi Film Sawal Mazhya Premcha
Source: ZEE5

This Marathi comedy tells the story of a man Balasaheb who falls in love with a dancer Sugandha. A turn of events leads to Balasaheb’s son falling in love with Sugandha as well. How does he handle the situation? Find out here.

3. Nagpur Adhiveshan - Ek Sahal

A Still Of Marathi Film Nagpur Adiveshan- Ek Sahal
Source: ZEE5

This Marathi political drama tells the story of two officials who come together and face challenges while organising the political event Nagpur Adhiveshan. Do they manage to pull it off? Find out here.

4. Sarkarnama

Poster Of Sarkarnama Featuring Ajinkya Deo And Dilip Prabhavalkar
Source: ZEE5

This Marathi political drama tells the story of a man named Vishwas, who is the caretaker of a chawl. Due to the deterioration of the chawl, hee is asked to evict the it by CM Uttamrao and hand over the administrative file. Vishwas finds himself in a soup when the chawl collapses and the file goes missing.

What will Vishwas do now? Watch the film here.

5. Shandhyug

Poster Of Marathi Film Shandhyug
Source: ZEE5

The Marathi film tells the story of two college sweethearts who lead a peaceful life until they get involved in a brawl with their college mates and get separated afterwards. Will they get back together? Find out here.

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