Boyz Teaches You A Life Lesson Straight From Children’s Handbook

You will truly live your life to the fullest through the perspective of these three young protagonists. So, just enjoy the moment!

Parth Bhalerao And Pratik Lad From Boyz

Marathi movie Boyz highlights on taking one moment at a time and being more cheerful.  Taking a lesson from Dhungya’s handbook, if it is not going to matter in five years, why even spend five minutes on it? This advice comes from the naughtiest student to the head boy of the school, Kabir.

Watch Dhungya, Dhairya and Kabir enjoy their boarding school life to the fullest in Boyz 

Apart from laughing till your stomach hurts, Boyz will melt away all the tensions of adulthood while making you feel young again. You will start thinking like the young main characters- Kabir, Dhungya and Dhairya. Like that scene of the school dance from the film, Dhungya and Dhairya danced like no one was watching and left their awkwardness behind. Isn’t that the true spirit of life?

Understandably, it is hard to disconnect from the outside voices, but, why not try? Seriously, take a deep breath, everything’s going to be alright. Even, Kabir finally takes a chill pill and lets loose like Dhungya and Dhairya. If he can do it, so can you.

We would love to know in the comments below what are your ways to be your best version!

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