Can You Guess How Hruta Durgule’s Cartoon Version Looks Like?

We bet you will laugh after seeing the Phulpakhru actress' in this avatar.

Hruta Durgule in a scene from Phulpakhru.

Not crushing on your favourite celebrity is not an option, especially when that celebrity is Hrtua Durgule from Phulpakhru. Our leading lady from the TV serial takes our breath away with her beautiful eyes and acting skills. So, we weren’t surprised to see her fans go out of their way to impress her.

Watch Hruta Durgule in Phulpakhru with being just as beautiful

Each of Hurta’s followers has a unique way of expressing love for our onscreen Vaidehi. Some might do it by posting positive comments on her pictures, while the others praise her performance by DMing her. There are a particular set of fans who take their love for their favourite actress to another level by making a caricature of her.

The artist behind this picture is Himalay Patkar. Can you still recognise Phulpakhru’s Vaidehi through this picture? The eyes in the picture are a dead giveaway. Given that, it is nice to see how humbled she is by this sweet gesture.

After seeing this, if you are tempted to watch more, the tune into her smashing dance performance on Zee Yuva Sanman 2018 streaming on ZEE5.

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