Can You Guess This Gorgeous Actress From Phulpakhru?

Break away from your work monotony and play this quiz.

As you are suffering through your #midweekblues, we have got a brilliant quiz for you to zap you out of it. This is a quick guessing game we are going to play with you while dropping hints about your favourite actor. It is your test to know how well you know this actress who has worked with Mandar Devasthali.

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This actress appears on one of Zee Yuva’s most popular serials. She is known for her acting and beautiful eyes. She is born in Mumbai and finished her education from Ruia College at Matunga. In her college, she has won accolades for her acting which motivated her to pursue her dreams in this acting field. Have you guessed who this actress is? Here’s a final hint: (This is pretty easy) She is seen in Phulpakhru.

Phulpakhru actress Hruta Durgule
Source: Instagram

Yep, you guessed it right! It is none other than Hruta Durgule who plays Vaidehi’s character in Phulpakhru on ZEE5. Coming from a modest background, she has worked hard and established herself in this field. Just see her and Yashoman Apte’s onscreen chemistry, it is definitely our favourite.

We would love to know what if you love Hruta just as much as us!

Apart from being a great actor, she is also an accomplished dancer. Watch Hruta’s zealous performance on ZEE5.