Can You Guess Who Is Hruta Durgule’s Celebrity Crush?

The actress who plays Vaidehi on Phulpakhru is just like any of us!


Like you and me, stars aren’t immune to the magic of other celebrities. Meaning: Your favourite celebrity, too, must have stuck a poster and sent a fan mail to their famous crush! One such fangirl to enter this realm is none other than the Phulpakhru actress Hruta Durgule.

Meanwhile, onscreen she has eyes for one and only man, that is, Manas

In the role of Vaidehi in Phulpakhru, Hruta is seen alluring her loyal fans with her beauty. But, did you know our favourite actress, too, has her own favourite? Hruta gave us a rare glimpse of her celebrity crush who is none other than the Bollywood’s chocolate boy, Ranbir Kapoor. We got to know about Hruta’s liking after she wished him on his birthday by posting a picture of him.

No one can evade the Anjaana Anjani actor’s charm, so Hruta’s fangirling is completely validated! I wonder, does the Phulpakhru actress watch Ranbir’s movies endlessly and talk about how cute he is? Just girl things, you know!

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While reading this if you can stop gushing about Ranbir Kapoor, then tune into his performance in the superhit film Tamasha streaming on ZEE5.