Devashappath’s Goddess Proves She Is Just Like Any Of Us!

In real life, Amruta Deshmukh is just as addicted to her smartphone as any of us.

Devashappath actress Amruta Deshmukh

She has warded off the demons. She has played with fire. She has superhuman powers. She is a goddess in a true sense. However, that doesn’t stop the Devashappath Goddess Laxmi from having some fun offscreen. We see Amruta Deshmukh don this role elegantly. Like us, even she is enamoured by video making apps.

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Are you intrigued? Take a look!

1.     Andaz Apna Apna

No one escapes the magic of the cult Bollywood hits (not even the immortals). Here’s one more hit dialogue, “Crime Master Gogo naam hai mera, aankhen nikal ke gotiyan khelti hun main.”

2.    Dil Chahta Hai

Our ‘dil’ can’t stop rewatching this video. We heart it! Let’s take a bow.

3.     Love is the air

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@stavan_shinde अरे तू बाक़ी लोकांना आवाहन करतोएस पण “तू” मला कधी पार्टी देणारेस? प्लीज़ कशासाठी ते विचारु नकोस…🙄🙄 . “पार्टी” हया फ़िल्म साठी तू दिलेली ऑडिशन..मग नाट्यमयरित्या तुझं झालेलं selection मग शूटिंग च्या आधीची तगमग, शूट सुरु झाल्यानंतरची मेहनत आणि उत्साह..ते अगदी काल पर्यंत promotion साठी बारीक सारिक गोष्टींचा विचार करत तू करतोयस ती धड़पड ! हे सारं मला जवळून बघायची संधी दिलीस त्याबद्दल खरंतर मीच तुला “पार्टी” द्यायला हवी नाहीं का? पण हे काय दिली की मी एक माझ्या इश्टाईल ची musical “पार्टी”..तुझ्याच फ़िल्म च्या हया सुंदर गाण्यावर ! त्यामुळे फ़िल्म release होतेय परवा 7 तारखेला उस ख़ुशीमे…तुझ्याकड़ून एक.. “पार्टी” तो बनती है ! Cheers 🥂 • • All the best team “Party”..🎉❤️ @suvratjoshi @akshaytanksale @rohit_haldikar @manjiripupala @prajakta_official @darekarsachin @thefilmparty • • • #MarathiFilm #Party #instagram #instagood #bestoftheday #actors #actress #instadaily

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Amruta lip-syncing to the music and emoting the words are as good as our Monday could get.  This is the highlight of my ‘Mondayest Monday’.

4.     One with Abhidnya Bhave

When we see two actors coming together for shopping trips, brunches and making, we can’t stop wanting to be a part of their tribe.

5.     Punjabi Delight

Like their yummy pakoras and chole bhature, we are in ‘everlasting love’ with the Punjabi movie. So glad that Amruta did this musically.

Let us know, which avatar of Amruta amongst the above do you like? We would love to know in the comments.

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