Dilip Prabhavalkar’s Character From Zala Bobhata Will Remind You Of Your Grandparents

Appa is eradicating bad habits using his techniques which no one in the village approves of!

Dilip Prabhavalkar on the poster of Zala Bobhata.

Returning from your grandparents’ house comes with an assured warranty of putting on a couple of extra kilos. Those yummy items with an added dollop of ghee are enough to make even an underweight kid reach the heavier side of the scale. But, come what may, my grandparents are the loves of our life. Nobody cares about us the way they do. We saw these feelings resonate in the Marathi movie, Zala Bobhata on ZEE5 through Dilip Prabhavalkar’s character. Even though he’s in the 80s, for him, age is just a number which he will defeat readily.

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If Appa and my grandparents were to meet in real life, they would be best friends. Here are qualities we see in Appa which will make you dial up your grandparents!

1. Wise

Today we live on a healthy meal of self-taught Instagram quotes. Post which, we love to count ourselves in the wise category, but we aren’t quite there yet. Amidst that, we forget that our grandparents through their experience know stuff too!

2. Old school 

Appa’s old school values are reforming society each day at a time. He is standing up (literally and figuratively) for issues like cleanliness, ban on nicotine and alcohol. Although his supporters are running away,  Appa is a force of nature to be dealt with. Aren’t our grandparents just like him? (We already know the answer)

3. Peculiar ways

Our grandparents have established their way of doing things and asking them to change it is impossible. Appa, too, is eradicating bad habits using his techniques which no one in the village approves of!

4. Interference in personal life

We are guessing you have already starting cringing at this. Totally understandable. We, too, have a flood of personal questions unleashed at us during the family reunions and marriages.

What are your favourite things about Appa? We would love to know in the comments!

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