Doctor Don 18 February 2020 Written Update: Radha To Face Dr. Monica’s Challenge

Radha is all set to face Dr. Monica's challenge. Meanwhile, Deva has planned something which will favor Radha in this challenge. Details inside.

A still from Doctor Don

In tonight’s episode of Doctor Don, we see Kabir trying to help Radha in preparing for the challenge which Dr. Monica had given her. However, Radha denies his help and decides to study on her own. Kabir immediately calls his grandmother, who is the trustee of the college and informs her about the problem his friend Radha is going through. In no time, his grandmother reaches college. Deva sees Aai and inquires about why she is there. Aai tells him that she has come to meet the dean of the college. Deva takes Aai to the dean’s office.

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Aai meets her daughter Monica and asks her about whether she has the right to punish a student for giving a wrong answer to a question. On the other hand, Aai says that being a trustee, she too has the right to punish Dr. Monica, incase the student finishes the challenge properly. Monica agrees to this. Meanwhile, Deva kidnaps some of the professors from college and tells them to train Radha for the upcoming challenge. Fearing Deva, the professors agree to help Radha. When they set out to do so, she thinks that Kabir has sent them to help her out.

When the professors are busy giving private tuitions to Radha, Dr. Monica enters the classroom. She immediately throws the professors out of the college and warns Radha to brace herself for the upcoming challenge. Meanwhile, Deva is in a dilemma as he wants Radha to win the challenge but he also does not want Dr. Monica to lose. At the college, the other students have started betting on the challenge that is going to take place between Radha and Dr. Monica. Most students bet that Dr.Monica will win this challenge. Deva comes to know about this and immediately pulls out a big bundle of money, betting that Radha will win this challenge. The students are shocked looking at Deva’s weird behavior as they are sure that no one can ever win against Dr. Monica.

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