Doctor Don 19 February 2020 Written Update: Radha Wins The Challenege Against Dr. Monica

Radha wins the challenge against Monica. Later, when Deva apologises to Radha, she shows her hatred for him. Details inside.

A still from Doctor Don

In tonight’s episode of Doctor Don, we see Dr. Monica telling her mother that it is  impossible to beat her in her own challenge. She also tells Aai that she shall get ready to see Radha losing the challenge and getting punished. Meanwhile, Kabir is very worried about Radha, but Radha tells him that winning or losing is not in her hands but trying is. She assures Kabir that she will try her level best to answer the questions correctly and win the challenge.

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On the other hand, Akki is busy loading boxes of sweets in the car as she is very sure that Radha is going to win the challenge. She tells her men that every single person should be given sweets after Radha wins. Akki keeps a box of sweets aside, for Dr. Monica. She then tells her men to give that box to Dr. Monica to celebrate her loss.

The challenge begins and Dr. Monica puts forth her first question in front of Radha. Unfortunately, Radha stays silent and does not answer the question. Dr. Monica continues to ask her questions but Radha answers none of them. During this, the students start making noise. Dr. Monica then tells all the students that they will also face the same consequences if they do not obey her. She warns the students that they are in college to study and not to act smart. When Dr. Monica is about to leave, she notices that Radha has written down all the correct answers to the questions but had refused to narrate them. She leaves in embarrassment and everyone celebrate Radha’s victory.

Later, Deva approaches Radha and tries to convince her that he has given up all his rowdy activities. Radha tells him that because of his ties with the underworld, he has gotten everything that he wished for, but in all this, he has lost his daughter. She also tells Deva that she hates him. Listening to Radha, Deva is shattered and tears up. However, he is determined to change his attitude and win back his place in Radha’s heart.

Meanwhile, Aai is busy teasing and irritating Monica about her loss. She is truly enjoying Monica’s defeat in her own challenge.

Will Deva win his place back in his daughter’s heart? Find out only on Doctor Don

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